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Todoroki x reader argument

Of course me being me I had to go with the angstier option. Sorry for taking so long to post! Originally posted by karvallian.

todoroki x reader argument

Originally posted by allenzwalker. Originally posted by ichiijokun. Originally posted by hanae-ichihara. Hope you enjoyed! Sorry for taking a long time to finish this, some family stuff happened. So send some requests in my dudes!

Rules for requesting. As always thank you to the lovely anon who requested! Sorry its really short. Originally posted by sixcorrupted. Bakugo was certain that it was gonna be a normal day. A completely normal, average, stress free, not weird day.

Little did he know that you were in the mood to fuck shit up. Putting on your best and most suspicious looking grin, you casually walked over to his desk and stared at him for a few seconds.

Just before Bakugo could say something, you loudly slammed your hands on his desk. Immediately Bakugo turned as red as a tomato, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to find something to respond with. Hnnggg sorry this is really cringe but it was collecting dust in my drafts and I wanted to post it anyway.

So I decided to make an x reader blog for Demon Slayer. The blog is lovely-inosuke. It would be great if you could check it out and maybe request something! Hnngggg this request was just so darn cute oh my lord. Hope everyone reading enjoys! My requests are always open! Originally posted by froggytxt. Originally posted by calodemon-cam. So uh yeah go do that. Originally posted by ryuuqamine. Posts Ask or request anything my dudes Submit a post Archive.

Warnings: swearing, arguing fluffy at the end though Requests are currently open! The both of you were studying for an upcoming test, and you were incredibly bored.Originally posted by yumoirail. Originally posted by skialdi. Originally posted by midori-n. There was some useful things for when he was Joker, but others were just to add some colour to the room.

Originally posted by elliejoys. Originally posted by cesar-arcangelo. Originally posted by maximumthrill. Originally posted by okami-fr. Ignoring the snickers coming from Marco and the other members of the crew. Plus, the entire crew had money on how long Name would be giving the commander the cold shoulder.

Shoto is my child — Argument

Keep reading. Originally posted by shigahoe. Shigaraki had no idea why he was standing inside of the flower shop looking at the overwhelming array of colours. He could blame Toga for this reckless decision of his.

The blonde high schooler had decided to find entertainment in his relationship with Name. Given the current schedule of the League, it was hard for the couple to spend time together that was not related to their work. Name knew the responsibilities that Shigaraki had with being the leader of the League of Villains.

She was aware of this before the idea of a relationship even entered their minds. However, at the beginning of the relationship when the league was still small and attempting to find a foothold, the couple had more time to spend together. Now that it was stronger with more members and a clearer ideal that they were working for, and AFO arrest, it made it hard for Shigaraki to find a moment to himself, let alone have anytime with Name.

Posts Ask me anything Masterlist Archive. Defending him when people make fun of his quirk and saying that it would be better suited for a villain. Getting into so many fights defending your brother from people who insulted him. Both of you are Eraserhead fans instead of All Might fans.

Being the one that can actually cook of the pair of you. Hitoshi burns everything. Both of you have completely different sleep patterns. While you are a morning person. The pair of you drink so much coffee that your parents are worried about the two of you. Being in class 1-A with the hero that the two of you had admired for years.

Helping to design his hero costume. Being his biggest fan and biggest source of motivation. The man is constantly sleep deprived and needs all the sleep he can get.You absolutely may!

I hope you continue writing! I don't know if anyone has said this before, they probably have because I've noticed a trend where I have ideas only to realise others have already had the same idea but whatever. I saw an Erasermic AU where Hizashi was Persephone and Shouta was Hades, which is great and they would definitely be on par with the personalities of those two, but I propose another idea. Both could totally work actually. You might think Aizawa is a bit of a stretch as Persephone but not really.

Just saying, Persephone knows what she wants and she goes out and gets it. Definitely a very Aizawa thing to do. And hades is a dork, like canonically. He was also a super chill guy who in the WHOLE of Greek mythology only ever actually messed up 2 dudes and they for sure deserved it. People actually feared Persephone way more than hades, another point in the Aizawa column.

Counterpoint to your last post: Fumi as Hades and Tenya as Persephone because we all know Fumi and his corrupting ways. Counterpoint to my counterpoint to my counterpoint to your counterpoint: Izuku as Persephone and Shouto as Hades. More people need to get into the Vigilantes manga so that they will also start shipping the rarest of all rare pairs with me.

I need more content for this ship in my life. So, basically it started because my friend theawwesomeeridan and I were talking about different ships and stuff, and I said Tensei X Best Jeanist.

And we have an rp actually we are currently on our fourth and in our second one we included it.

My Hero Academia X Reader — Cute | Shouto Todoroki X Reader | BNHA Fluff

The way we have them characterised is that Tensei has super bad fashion taste, and obviously Tsunagu loves fashion. We also headcanon Tensei as a really bad cook. Tsunagu is five years older than Tensei, who had a crush on him when he was younger and Tsun was just starting out. When Tsunagu came back to UA to give a talk, Tensei ran into a wall. They get together when Tensei was In the rp my friend and I do, the two are also married to Hizashi and Shouta, and they have soooooooo many kids, including three ocs and loads of oc grandkids.Anonymous asked: dabi x reader where reader and dabi used to know each other but they cut ties but are forced to work together?

Originally posted by sajoou. You walked to your office greeting the employees that passed by. You arrived at your office and took a seat. Just a few minutes you had settled down your boss had entered.

Too Many Babies — May I get a headcannon for Todoroki X Shy! Reader?...

You have another case. You groaned and frownd, crossing your arms. He placed two folders in front of you. You took a look at them and picked them up. The case is about the case of the death of the manager of a polyester factory, Yoshiro Ikasaki. His corpse was found in a half open garbage bag in a alleyway. You nodded. Exactly You sat in a room, nothing but you, the table, the air conditioner running, and the person in front of you.

Your hands were clasped on the table as you stared at the man with messy black hair and scars all over his body.

You let out a sigh and glared at him. Good morning Mr. He smirked. You mentally cringed. He frowned.You knew that Shouto had a rough, long, and bad day at work. So in preparation for him coming home, you attempted to get things ready for him.

Everything was perfect sailing, the chores were done, the trash was taken out, and you were currently making dinner for him. You hustled around the kitchen, making sure to get as much of the dinner completed before he got there. Everything was going well up until he got home, and then suddenly the broth you were using to make noddles overflowed.

Water got everywhere as you shrieked, trying to contain the boiling liquid. Shouto then had to help you clean up the liquid even before he got to say hello. Then when you went to go get the vegetables as a side dish, Shouto happened to be walking beside you, and three of the vegetables smashed onto him.

Ruining his hero uniform. The trash bag also ripped when Shouto went to throw away the empty boxes from the groceries you were using right now. But it settled down, and although Shouto refused to tell you what happened at work.

todoroki x reader argument

So now, Shouto was grabbing the two of you drinks for dinner as you prepared the plates. Does it? You cough, shifting in your seat as you tried to keep yourself from acting too hurt. Now, this sets the two of you off, and now you and Shouto are yelling at each other. Senseless words are tossed out, and frustrations at the world are unleashed on each other.

Silent tears roll down your face as you turn and walk out, shoving off the hands the immediately stretched out to keep you from leaving. Was he okay?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Prompt: Todoroki, who's lonely and depressed, texts a random number in search of a friend.

Todoroki sighed for what felt like the millionth time in the span of 20 minutes. He had just gotten into an argument with his father, retreating into his room as soon as the chance arose. A familiar feeling started to bubble within the teen, one that he wished would just go away, never to return. Some knew what was going on in his home life while others still knew nothing. Another sigh leaves the half-and-half boy as he turns onto his side, burying his face into one of his soft pillows, drifting off into a mid-evening nap.

School was hectic, bullies everywhere and she had failed a quiz. Does anyone else know the feeling of this kind of pressure? Todoroki lay in his bed, scrolling through Google, many links available to tap that are related to what he searched. He found it a little ridiculous that he needed to resort to the internet for such a simple thing. The bi-coloured haired boy, having already tap and read so many articles, started to lose hope.

It was just impossible for him to make friends on his own. Exiting Google, Todoroki made his way to the messaging app, tapping the button to create a new conversation. His slim fingers started to type the area code for Japan, followed by a series of random numbers.

todoroki x reader argument

Though when it came to actually writing a text message, his mind went blank. What do you do now? How do you start a conversation with complete stranger?

Todoroki sat on his bed for a good 10 minutes, staring down at the flashing line that appeared in the text box, waiting to type the next letter, number or symbol. That stopped abruptly when the ding of her phone sounded. Setting back down her stuff, her hand reached for her phone. Who is this? How did they get her number? The clock was nearing 1 AM and fast, though the conversation was still going strong. Unbeknownst to her, it was the same for the half-and-half boy.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.You decided to take a shower when you get back to the dorms. When you reach the dorms you grab your stuff for a shower. Finally, you had enough and went home to the dorms. A few minutes after you got back, you got a text from Bakugou.

I was going to text you when I got back. But anyhow, Bakugou went straight up to your room. Without knocking he enters your room to see you just in your panties. He stopped right in his tracks. Bakugou just stood there staring at your body.

Another day of hard work went by. Being a Pro took a lot out of you, but it was always nice to save people. After a grueling day of saving people and fighting villains, you wanted to change into some comfy pajamas. You just hand on your underwear when he walked in. The search ended when you spot him in the corner. As you walk forward, someone else came into view.

A girl. But she was definitely pretty. He picked it up, from what he could tell, it was a boy. Thank you for taking care of Carlos! I thought I really lost him there! They stared intently at each other for a moment, before realizing they were looking at each other without saying anything. They blush and turn away from each other. That was three years ago. My friends are out there, risking their lives to save others. And you want me to just stand back!? Tears started to prick your eyes as you tried to stay calm.

What if my friends die!? All Might reached out to you as you left. You were the light of his life. He just wanted to protect you.

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